MitWIRKen - Opportunities

1. financially by donation or standing order

Account holder: Academy for WIRKRAFT e.V.
IBAN: DE90 4306 0967 1160 4651 00
GLS Community Bank

As purpose of use please "Donation" specify

Or simply and immediately transfer via EPC:


Alternatively you can also use the WIR Shop donate:

Donation to WIRKRAFT

Donation note

Or by PayPal to:

To avoid unnecessary fees, the option "Payments to friends and relatives" must be selected, because it is, after all, a voluntary donation.

Due to PayPal's business practices, we ask that you send us the donation by Bank transfer or the WIR Shop to send it to us. Our PayPal account is, because of existing standing orders, still active, but we don't want to use it anymore if possible. Thank you!

And most importantly, thank you for your donation! ❤️


2. as a supporting member of the Academy for WIRKRAFT e.V.

- financially with an annual contribution of currently 15,- €

- collaborating in WIR circles

- Sustaining members who have proven themselves will be promoted to full members with voting rights by the Board of Directors


3. assisting

- currently we are looking for: tax consultants, lawyers, economists, bankers, IT experts, web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, accountants...


Multiple selection is of course possible and desired!


Note: All funds received will be used in the spirit of the Statutes used, for example, for the operation of the homepage, bank fees, game production, development of the guarantee bank or other goal-oriented companies. Since we are for good reason NOT a non-profit organization in the sense of tax law, we can not issue donation receipts, so the funds are NOT deductible!

Donation to WIRKRAFT

Donation note