WIR circles

Working groups of the WIRKRAFT on certain topics...

WE circle sight


Members: Katrin S., Mike A.


Graphic design of the elements of the game and the book, logo, letterhead, flyer, etc.

WIR circle architecture


Members: Mike A., Uwe F., Benjamin R., Mark W., Irmgard S., Horst H.


Concept development, development of practical implementation possibilities, structural organization of the  WIRKRAFT, establishment of a fund for companies (as a transitional solution until the guarantee bank is established), planning and conceptual design of this guarantee bank, establishment of a foundation supervising the bank, planning for the future.

WIR circle education island


Members: Kathy S.

child-centered learning, building democratic schools

WIR circle eye contact


Members: Astrid M.Mike A.Benjamin R.


Overview of all WIR circles, coordination, help with problems and questions, communication within and outside the  WIRKRAFT

WE circle FREIRAUM.live

Members: Jutta B.


Events in the field of music and culture (concerts, lectures, readings and much more)



Members: Heiko S., Gesa S., Katrin S., Jutta B., Benjamin R., WIR circle gear


Organization and planning around the book   GAME OVER.   by Heiko Schöning. 

WIR circle beacon


Members: Benjamin R.Mike A.


Technical background, webhosting, mail administration, design of the homepage, administration of our ticket system, the  WIRKRAFT-internal cloud and the WIR stores, integration of new systems (Planned are: System for newsletter and mailing lists, WIRKRAFT-Forum, online job market)

WE circle megaphone


Members: Heiko S., Mike A., Irmgard S.Uwe F.


Dissemination of the  WIRKRAFT Idea and of the game in word and writing, game instructions, accompanying booklet, texts for the homepage

WIR circle new start


Members: Alexandra M.


THE job market for ALL

WIR circle Phone


Members: Mark W., Horst H., Mike A., Benjamin R.


Development of a "WIR-phone" in cooperation with a manufacturer that pays attention to fair production conditions and sustainability. The plan is to create a smartphone with a Google-free operating system, a selected pre-selection of apps, including a WIRKRAFT-app and perhaps a color matching WIRKRAFT-Bumper?!

WIR circle understanding


Members: Mark W., Horst H.


Translation coordination

WIR circle gear


Members: Andrea B., Astrid M., Mike A., Ramona A.


Attending to those interested in playing, accounting for donations, creating shipping labels, packing and shipping the  WIRKRAFT-game  and of the book   GAME OVER. .

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