Frequently asked questions and answers

Can the "consumption" card really exchange everything?

Consumption can be used only against the remaining cards in the DISPLAY. Not with the other player (there only the monopolist can access after rolling a 9).


Is there an order to life goals?

The order of acquiring the goals (cards) is up to each person. In the game as in life.


Isn't the red card "lawyer" contradictory?

This card is intentionally ambivalent. Lawyers earn in peace as in war. Some professions always offer and serve themselves. The lawyer produces nothing himself and profits only when other people acquire (nasty red) corporate cards. The lawyer is not responsible for what way of life (what cards) other people choose. The lawyer can be an ambivalent, double-edged card. If a person should consider it disproportionate in this game that some lawyer, with a small price or investment, can bring in an exceedingly high profit, then he should look at the circumstances in the previous life.


For each card, if we-power/beehive is the profit
rolled, or once for the round, so that, for example.
all hives yield the same profit?

The profit is rolled for all the hives that are in the game.


With active target card "Family" and red cards pays the
"attacked" player the additional costs or
do they come from the cash register?

The additional cost is borne by the attacked player. If the mafia family is larger, the protection money will also be higher.


For the We Power/Hive card, does a separate feeder have to be
be in the game, or is an active investor of the players enough?

Investors must be actively in the game, but can also come from fellow players.

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