How does WIRKRAFT work?

We peacefully say NO thank you, you exploiters and seducers.

We no longer work for you. We no longer buy from you.

We start our own companies. With better products.

Through a common daily cent
we are strong together, rich together.


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- is an independent, peaceful, non-profit form of economy.
- is the modern solution to the Social Question, based on the book by Rudolf Diesel.
- offers the realizable, natural economic freedom of all people.
- is the voluntary association of ordinary people as WE citizens.

WE Citizens

  • recognize: Together we are strong, together we are free.
  • preferentially receive jobs and useful products from WIRKRAFT companies
  • profit directly and indirectly from the profits of WIRKRAFT companies
  • Voluntarily participate in the guarantee bank with at least 1 cent per day


- uses the 1-cent-a-day assets of WE citizens only for guarantees.
- Checks business plans for solidarity suitability to the WIRKRAFT-company
- gives 100% guarantee for WIRKRAFT-company vis-à-vis investors.
- controls running WIRKRAFT-companies in accordance with the solidarity rulebook.


- Are cooperatives for useful products and services.
- generate profits for themselves and the WIRKRAFT as a whole.
- receive their start-up capital from investors who get repayment and interest back.
- adhere to the solidarity-based set of rules both internally and externally.

Solidary set of rules

- has as its basis the long-lost book of the ingenious inventor Rudolf Diesel
- Explains the benefits and the natural cycle of WIRKRAFT
- includes detailed contracts and statutes for all parties involved
- Ensures protection against corruption and sets people fair incentives


- is a truly democratically elected and elected supervisory body of the WIR citizens
- controls the guarantee bank and appoints the board of directors
- is guardian of the solidarity-based set of rules; changes only with WIR citizens' resolution
- Decides on charitable peace and social projects from surplus profits


- uses the WIRKRAFT-company for the most part for self-determined purposes
- go in small part as fees to the guarantee bank for its running costs
- go in small part to the foundation for charitable purposes
- are surpluses after deduction of all operating costs as well as repayment + interest for start-up capital


- want to invest their money in companies and have repayment plus interest for it
- receive a 100% default guarantee on their receivables from the Bürgschaftsbank
- are without any say in the company they finance. WIRKRAFT-company
- are not investors who want to have a say in the company because of investment risk


- Conveys advantages of nonprofit over other forms of business in a fun way
- is a joy bringing card-dice game for 2 to 4 people
- is the anti-Monopoly and wants to turn players into the WE-citizens of tomorrow
- conveys: Together we are strong, together we are rich

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