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October 11, 2020



The word WIRKRAFT stands for the special power that unfolds when people work together. In self-governing cooperation, in which the whole can be stronger, more diverse and more oriented towards the common good than the sum of its parts. In the interaction of people in WirKreis an expansion of life towards local and global responsibility and accountability emerges. In doing so, the association takes up the ideas of the mastermind Rudolf Diesel. The association is committed to researching and promoting this WirKraft.

Freedom in spirit, equality in law and fraternity in the economy are prerequisites for the experience of human dignity and the ability to increase one's own abilities, skills and strength and to contribute them to a "WirKreis". Any restrictions of human freedom are superfluous through the turn to humanity.

We rely on our own initiative, commitment and cooperation both internally and externally. The association provides the organizational framework. All members are invited to contribute on a voluntary basis. In this statute and in further documents we make agreements about the objectives and the common way of the members of the association and all those who are connected with the association in cooperation.


§1 Name and seat

The association bears the name "Akademie für WIRKRAFT e.V." and has its registered office in Stapelburg.

§ 2 Purpose of the association

The purpose of the association is the research, substantiation and dissemination as well as the material and financial support of Wirkraft and the WirKreise in which this Wirkraft originates.

Key areas for this include:

  • Economy, education, culture, customs
  • Recognize, preserve and promote natural processes.
  • Human flourishing and development, both individually and inand for society.
  • Continuously promote the integration of new knowledge into everyday life.
  • Community livelihood creation.
  • Equipping with the necessary collateral, financial resources, administration,supply and utilities.
  • Nutrition, health maintenance and well-being of the individual as well as the community.

The "Akademie für WIRKRAFT e.V." is not politically or religiously oriented and tolerates different views, attitudes and beliefs. It works transnationally. The association is committed to the appreciation of the individuality of the individual as a component of the community (wholeness). This appreciation is a basic value of the Akademie für WIRKRAFT e.V..

The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes and is not aimed at making a profit. Existing surpluses are used to promote the purposes of the association, unless reserves are formed. Surpluses will not be distributed. The membership fees are used in the sense of the association's goals.

The purpose of the Association includes the preamble to these Articles of Association.


§ 3 Fiscal year

The fiscal year is the calendar year.


§ 4 The membership

Membership in the association is possible for every natural and legal person upon application. All membership data is subject to data protection.
Members who have rendered outstanding services to the Association or its objectives may be granted the status of honorary member by resolution of the Board of Directors.

Honorary and sustaining members have no voting or election rights in the general meeting.


Types of membership:

  • Founding member (voting rights)
  • Active member (voting rights) actively and regularly participates in the life of the association.
  • Supporting member (without voting rights)promotes the purpose of the association
  • Honorary member (without voting rights)is honored for his services to the association

Acquisition of membership
Founding members have voting rights. The acquisition of supporting or active membership requires an application in text form. The board of directors decides on the acceptance with a simple majority of votes.
Membership usually begins as a supporting member and can be converted to "full /active" membership upon application after a waiting period, which is usually 12 months. The basis for the conversion should be the recognizable and not unique commitment of the member with regard to the association's goals.
The accepted application from the association administration serves as proof of membership.

Duration of membership
The membership period is at least 1 year and is automatically extended by one year if it is not cancelled with a notice period of 4 weeks to the end of the calendar year.

Termination of membership
Membership expires by resignation, exclusion or death. The resignation takes place by the notice in text form with the executive committee. The exclusion by decision of the board is possible if the member has damaged or endangered the reputation, interests or the work of the association by his behavior.

Membership fee
Members pay an annual fee.
Honorary members are exempt from the obligation to pay dues.
The general meeting decides on the annual membership fee.


§ 5 The organs of the association
    • The Board
    • General Meeting.
    • Extended Board
§ 6 The General Meeting

In the annual general meeting to be convened lies the right of the organization authority, the seat or purpose change or the dissolution of the association.


The members must be invited to this meeting at least eight days in advance, with notification of the agenda. The invitation must be in text form.
The General Meeting shall also be convened if requested by at least 40% of the active members.

The agenda must include the following items:

a. The submission of the annual report.

b. The discharge of the Board of Management.

c. Elections (as necessary).

Participation in the general meeting is also possible by telephone or online.

Motions for the agenda of the General Meeting must be submitted to the Executive Board in text form at least three days before the date of the General Meeting.

Assembly management
The board of directors is responsible for chairing the meeting. A written record of the proceedings of the General Meeting shall be prepared and signed by the Chairman and the Secretary.

Any General Meeting duly convened shall constitute a quorum regardless of the number of members present.

Resolutions shall be adopted by a simple majority of votes cast; in the event of a tie (stalemate) in the General Meeting, the chairman of the meeting shall receive a second vote.

Resolutions on the amendment of the Articles of Association, the amendment of the purpose of the Association require at least a 2/3 majority of the votes cast.


§ 7 The Executive Board

The Executive Board is elected by the General Meeting. The board according to § 26 BGB consists of the president and the first and second vice president.

Each of them is authorized to represent the Association alone. In the internal relationship, however, the first or second vice president is only authorized to represent the association if the president is unable to do so.

The Board of Directors is responsible for all affairs of the Association. It has the following tasks in particular:

  • Representation of the Academy for WIRKRAFT e.V.
  • Acting in an orderly manner
  • Preparation and convening of the general meeting
  • Execution of the decisions

The Board of Directors is responsible for the management, direction and administration of the Association, as well as the appointment of members.

Board resolutions
Resolutions shall be adopted by a concurring declaration of intent by at least two members of the Board of Management. Resolutions shall be documented.

In the event of imminent danger, the Executive Board is also entitled to independently settle matters that fall within the scope of the General Meeting or to issue orders. However, these decisions require the subsequent approval of the general meeting.

In the event of premature resignation of a member of the Executive Board, co-optation of an active member by the Executive Board is possible. This is valid until the next general meeting at which a new board member is elected.

The General Meeting may remove the Executive Board or individual organs of the Association from office.

Only a person of legal age can be elected as a member of the board. The board is elected by the general meeting for 5 years.

The members of the Board of Management shall perform their duties as members of the Board of Management exclusively on a voluntary basis. If the work involved exceeds the reasonable scope of a voluntary activity, the Executive Board may hire necessary support staff within the framework of the financial regulations.

Extended Board
The Board of Directors may appoint five active members from "proven members" to form an extended Board of Directors. These members have the right to vote on board resolutions, but are not entitled to represent the association in dealings with third parties.

Association rules
The board of directors can transfer tasks concerning the internal relationship of the association into an association regulation. These are adapted to the findings, necessities and further developed.


§ 8 Arbitration court

A court of arbitration may be established for 50 or more members. The arbitration court decides in all disputes arising from the association relationship. It is formed in such a way that each party to the dispute nominates two members as arbitrators to the board of directors within seven days. These shall elect a chairman for the arbitration tribunal by a relative majority. In the event of a tie, the Presidium shall decide. The decisions of the arbitration court shall be final and shall be made by a simple majority of votes.


§ 9 Auditors

The auditing of the accounts is the responsibility of one member; external experts may be called in for this purpose.
The general meeting shall elect the auditor from among the members, who shall inspect the management before the ordinary meeting and submit motions to the general meeting for the discharge of the board of directors.


§ 10 Dissolution

In case of dissolution of the association, the general meeting decides on the use of the inventory and finances.


§ 11 Severability clause

If parts of these Articles of Association are or become inadmissible or invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. This also applies to this clause.

Berlin, October 11, 2020

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