The word WIRKRAFT stands for the power that arises from the cooperation of free individual people to create an expansion of life on all levels. The association takes up the idea of the mastermind Rudolf Diesel.

In the connection of WE and POWER is expressed that through the interaction of individual people and the possibilities of individuals, power is released that promotes the unfolding of life and thus serves the good of all.

We are committed to the development of these WIRKRAFT one. With our work, we want to contribute to people responsibly and self-determinedly establishing regional cycles - in the knowledge of their global responsibility.

Manipulation, oppression, exploitation and other forms of restrictions on human freedom become superfluous by turning to fellow humanity.

The orientation towards the social threefolding according to Rudolf Steiner helps us to recognize our fellow human beings in their dignity and to organize our living together.

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Freedom in spirit, equality in law and fraternity in economy are prerequisites to let every human being experience his or her dignity.

Therefore works WIRKRAFT instead of a given system in a dynamically networked relationship pattern of its members. This can be experienced individually by bringing it into the control circuits from which the WIRKRAFT arises.

We rely on our own initiative, commitment and cooperation both internally and externally. In the future, an association will provide the organizational framework. All members are asked to contribute voluntarily. In the statutes of this association and in other documents we make agreements to take into account the interests of the association and all those who cooperate with it.

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