Dear friends of the WIRKRAFT,

the idea of Rudolf Diesel is 116 years old. That Heiko Schöning rediscovered them and developed a game from them, is also over two years ago. Since then, we have distributed about 4000 games, the new edition is just 10,000 games, the boxes for them were ordered on 4.12.20 final. Currently, all games that were "ordered" until a few days ago have been shipped. The backlog of almost 1000 games to the whole world was worked off by my wife and me in 10 days - we thank you again for your patience! Now there is material for another 6500 games. That's all paid for and still, thanks to your generosity, there's a tidy sum in the account.

In addition, on 11.10.2020, we opened the Academy for WIRKRAFT e.V. was founded, in the meantime we are also registered. The opening of an association account has also been accomplished in the meantime, and now we will soon be able to accept new members - the membership applications are in progress. The exact modalities can be found in the Statutes here on the homepage (new design, some new content...maybe it's worth to look over the page again anyway?). Very roughly: It is possible to become a supporting member (without voting rights) for 15€ per year. Dedicated, proven members can be "promoted" to full members with voting rights by the board. This does not sound very democratic, but it is necessary in order to maintain the association's capacity to act under ALL CIRCUMSTANCES to ensure. Perhaps you have heard of saboteurs who do nothing more than disrupt and block everything. That's conspiracy theory, of course, but it's said to have happened before 😉 .

I receive many inquiries about how the concrete implementation of the WIRKRAFT looks like. (Has the guarantee bank already been established? Are there already companies that work according to the solidarity-based framework? etc.) Unfortunately, I can only answer most of these questions in the negative. The foundation is there now, perhaps it is still too small - but it is growing a little bit every day. We have reached a point where we need help. Your help.

1. the set of rules of Rudolf Diesel urgently needs to be "translated" into the new era, and this requires real experts in economics and finance. So what we are looking for is, for example, a professor of economics who will implement the project as part of a doctoral thesis. Or a whole team with a scientific background, a practitioner who has managed a medium-sized company all his life. The result of this work then forms the basis for the BüBa's business plan, the exact procedures for guarantees, etc.

2. even if the exact functioning of the BüBa is still unclear, we have no time to waste. The Bürgschaftsbank is clearly something good and useful. A bank that belongs to us and works completely transparently can only be good for us, no matter what the exact rules and regulations end up being. We would like to set up a company (foundation, cooperative?) to collect the capital of 5 million euros for the establishment of the guarantee bank. As a reminder, according to Diesel's idea, that could be 1ct/day from 1.5 million people. So money that no one really lacks but in the sum can have a huge impact. The foundation will certainly be carried out by a law firm, we can afford that. We are looking for an experienced foundation director/lawyer/financial expert who can work at eye level with the law firm in the sense of the WIRKRAFT can negotiate. One sticking point, for example, will be the transfer of the money to the bank. This should be possible without taxes or levies, which would not be in the donors' interests.

3. personally, I still think word of mouth is best, but I am also open to the voices that would like to see better marketing for the WIRKRAFT wish. We are not present at all in the social media. Who sees themselves as an expert and can help?

4. the playful idea is to be spread further. Financially and logistically, we are now in a position to send out a few hundred games a week. These are to be sent to schools, vocational schools, colleges, and whatever else you can think of. For business lessons and the like. A WIRKRAFT Regulars' table in the pub, if it is open again... If then a donation for the production of new games comes from the institution or its members it is nice, we are not dependent on it at the moment.

5. collaboration with other alternative ideas, common good economy, basic income, circular economy, sustainability projects. All of them have good ideas, almost all of them, as far as I know, fail because of the financing to really make a difference. That would be possible with the help of the guarantee bank. Who can help here to cooperate on the good ideas or even unite many under one roof?

Some people must have been a bit startled by points 1 and 2, thinking that all this had already been thought through and was just waiting to be implemented. The principle is completely clear, but the more we try to concretize something, the more questions arise. To make matters worse, our frontman and idea man, Heiko Schöning, meanwhile at, World Doctors Alliance and World Freedom Alliance active. This will remain so and will rather increase as long as the PCR test is used for diagnosis. Since it also cannot split and there are many clever minds in this distribution list, I have decided to make this call.

I am Mike Ahrend, somehow to the WIRKRAFT and in 2018 I was on the Pax Terra Musica Heiko Schöning got to know. There I offered him help, then from fall 2018 I produced and shipped the games. I am a trained electrician, have no academic background. Why I am now the coordinator in a team of over 10 helpers is not entirely clear to myself...I never planned the role for myself. As a fan of political non-fiction and alternative media, I have a personal vision of the world in which the WIRKRAFT has established. Perhaps someone can come to terms with one or the other point and recognize opportunities that we then have?

- own currency within the WIRKRAFT, quasi a regional currency (full money or shrink money without interest burden) for the trade of employees and customers of the WIRKRAFT Company. The BüBa and all financing naturally run in line with the system using the current national currency

WIRKRAFT Schools according to Rudolf Steiner, Gerald Hüther, Michael Hüter, i.e. mixed classes, learning to think for themselves, learning social skills, education as an offer to the children - they decide for themselves what they want to learn at any given time.

- free public transport

- organic farming without pesticides, 3 fields economy, no more factory farming

- ecologically managed forest, only "mature" wood is cut and harvested with horses, no soil compaction by harvesters & Co.

- free media that decide for themselves what they consider newsworthy

- The linchpin of everything for me is the dignity of the human being. The book of the same title by Gerald Hüther is for me the perfect "manual" for living together for everyone and everything. This can bring the world close to perfection.

The ultimate goal for me is true separation of powers and true democracy. A lot of time will be spent on discussions until an agreement is found - but it will have value and endurance. A constitution decided by the people, dismantling of the military, peace treaties with all neighboring countries, withdrawal from NATO, withdrawal from the see, I am a dreamer and an idealist. But maybe you have to have dreams to be able to stand up for something like WIRKRAFT to engage?

Who wants to get involved and do their part to make the world a better place to live in?

Mike from WIRKRAFT

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